The effort tracker for perfectionists

Little Big Steps is an app to help you achieve your life goals. It asks you to enter your goals and mark yourself out of 10 daily. It challenges you to become consistent. It helps you to gradually increase effort so it sticks. It makes you accountable to yourself.

Your goal may be to get fit, eat better or start a businesss. Your aim in life may be to cut out bad habits like procrastinating, smoking or drinking.

A lot of people have big goals in life but keep stopping and starting. They need help with consistency and making effort easier.

Inconsistency vs Consistency

One person sits trapped between two big blocks. The size of the blocks are inconsistent. They represent effort made towards life goals. Another person stands at the top of some stairs whilst jumping to the end of the staircase. These stairs are a metaphor for consistent effort.

If you stop waiting for perfection and start rewarding yourself for consistent, imperfect steps, you can quickly see how those little steps add up to achieving your goals in life.

If your goal is to learn more, one chapter a day of a book is dozens of books a year. If your goal in life is to get fit, 10 minutes of exercise a day is 61 hours of exercise a year.

Stop waiting for an imaginary perfect day and start counting the imperfect steps towards your goals.

If you had marked yourself out of 10 for the past month for a life goal, would it look like this?

A screenshot of an app. It shows several rows of data. Each row represents one week of scores a person has given themselves for a goal. Most scores are 0 and shown in red. Some non-zero scores are shown in blue.

Did you get a burst of enthusiasm, have a few good days then slip back into bad habits?

Did you aim too high then tell yourself you'll start tomorrow instead?

Let's turn the next year of your life into this

No more zero days!

A screenshot of an app. It shows several rows of data. Each row represents one week of scores a person has given themselves for a goal. Most scores are above 0 and shown in blue. Some zero scores are shown in red.

It's not perfect but it's consistent. We'd like to have no zero days but we know they happen.

When we do have a zero day, we pick ourselves back up and start the next day. We don't wait for Monday and create another row of reds.

The way zero days quickly add up is noticeable. It's harder to ignore time passing by and life goals going unachieved when it's laid out infront of you.

Even if we only take 1 step a day, it's noticeable how quickly we can achieve our life goals even if we walk rather than run towards them. It's better than standing still.

It takes seconds to ask yourself "how did I do today?"

That's all this life goals app needs you to do for it to work its magic

This life goals app is about comparing yourself to who you were yesterday not who someone else is today.

No one has achieved their dreams in life by spending too much time in an app. Therefore:

  • No login screen. The app opens straight to your home screen.
  • You open the app and can immediately score your goals out of 10 for today.
  • You open the app and can immediately see how well you're doing today and whether you could try harder.
  • The steps charts show how well your goals are going this week. Have you taken a big or little step each day? It all counts.

The home screen focuses on today. As should you.

A screenshot of an app. It shows a list of a person's goals in life. Each list item has bars representing how much effort they've put into their goals for the past 7 days, including today.

A life goals app that targets consistency and effort

Consistency followed by effort will make you unstoppable in achieving your life goals


To improve consistency you can challenge yourself with 'no zero day streaks'.

How long can you go without having a zero day for a specific goal?

How long can you go without having a zero day for any goal?


To improve effort you will be given a target score for your goals each day, as well as for your overall effort.

The app knows if you typically try less on a Friday and will give achievable targets for that day.

It's fine if you don't hit the targets. They adjust if you're not ready.

Let the app handle the calculations and aim to fill those green progress circles!

Analysis that simplifies prioritising your life goals and schedule

Find out which life goals you put the least effort into. Find out which days of the week you could try harder on.

The stats feature lets you see your life goals ranked by effort and consistency. Are you doing really well at learning but less at exercising?

The answer may be expected. It lets you check your historic effort matches your life priorities.

You can see which goals you put the most effort into as well as which you're most consistent with, letting you think about what exactly needs improving to achieve each life goal.

You can also view progress by day of the week. Do you consistently make less effort on weekends? Do you need to change this to achieve your life goals?

Do you find effort mostly happens on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then declines on the weekend and stops on Monday?

Seeing your effort laid out by days of the week helps you consider what else in your schedule may be impacting your progress.

Let this life goals app do the calculations. Then you can focus on your goals. One day at a time. One step at a time.

Step one:

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